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December 2, 2016

Private Care Associates prides itself on delivering the highest quality of private duty care. The owner is personally invested in developing and implementing a holistic individualized care plan for each client based on the clients specified needs. Private Care Associates have a comprehensive screening process of its employees to ensure that the client is comfortable with the caliber of people delivering care in any setting. Private Care Associates has earned its reputation as a professional, compassionate and devoted home care agency.

As a private duty Care Manager that has exposure to a wide variety of home care agencies, I can advocate that Private Care Associate not only meets my expectations for the highest standard of care but they exceed my expectations. I appreciate that Private Care Associates can accommodate any level of care needed from supplemental to end of life.

S.D. R.N. Care Manager

Vickie T

October, 2014

To Carmen,

Yourself and your team have spent the better part of the last 2 years doing in-home care for my wife, and I could not have been happier with the results. Linda (one of your nurses) gave me such peace of mind at all times when she was with my wife. I always felt comfortable leaving my wife with your team, and I knew she would be taken care of properly and respectfully. There was not a situation that came up that Linda was not ready for. Hiring your firm was by far the best decision I made in this process. This allowed me to love my wife the way a husband should be afforded to, while having your firm do the “dirty work”. You and your team are angels. In the 2 short years we battled the disease together, you and your team became family to us. Alzheimer’s Disease is a horrible disease, and I’ve learned so much about it from you and your team. I can’t thank you enough for caring so much about my wife’s wellbeing in her final years. You truly cared for her the way she deserved to be taken care of. Thank you for making yourself available to me literally 24/7, for listening to me vent, for listening to me cry, or anything else I called you for. You are a true professional with a compassionate heart. I pray that I never need to utilize services of your kind ever again in my life, but if the situation arises I can assure you that you will be my first and only call. Best of luck to you in the future and God Bless!


Jack Medley

Dear Private Care Associates Inc.

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the outstanding compassionate, quality care you gave Jeri.

Carmen and her staff are Angels sent from Heaven.

The Care they gave was amazing. The help they gave our family was truly unbelievable. Maria and I spent 4 weeks with her mother Jeri before we decided to get some help. We where emotional and physically drained, when we decided we needed help and we could not continue doing this on our own. We called Private Care Associates and spoke with Carmen. Carmen immediately set in place a plan for services to start the same day we called for assistance. Carmen came to the home, helped with so many things that same day, stayed for hours… Helped moving furniture making room for the hospital bed, medical equipment that was needed and making sure we had a comfortable chair for us to sit inn when inn the room with Jeri. Carmen and her staff, Linda, Susan, Licel, were very professional and respectful to Jeri, and us.

Linda, Susan, and Licel caregivers not only helped Maria’s mother, but aloud Maria and myself to relax, get some sleep and spend quality time with Mom in her last days and hours of her life with us.

The service you gave us for Maria’s mother was priceless.

Thank you again so much,

November 26, 2016

Jeri Mini

November 25, 2016


There will never be enough thankful words or praise for the hospice team from Private Care Associates who cared from my mother and I during her final days.

Being a nurse myself and thinking I could do it all, I found myself at my breaking point after caring for my mother for days straight, and not sleeping because I was listening for each breath thinking it was her last.

When I called I spoke with Carmen, who was knowledgeable, helpful, and calming. She and her staff came over that day! Them being there gave me a sense of peace, and allowed me to get some sleep and step away, so I could take care of myself.

I came back rested, the house was tidy, mom was bathed, her sheets were washed, all of her needs were met. In my mom’s final hours, they even arranged for her last rights to be done, and although my mom wasn’t able to verbalize it, I knew it meant a lot to her.

I can’t speak highly enough about the love and care that was demonstrated by all the staff, it was unexpected. Thank you for making my mom’s final days as comfortable as possible, for your compassion and care, and for helping her to keep her dignity.

I am very impressed with the work of Private Care Associate’s organization and their employees and I would highly recommend them.


Tim Carr

January 12, 2017

When it came time to consider assisted medical care for my father, one call to Carmen Stange Nurse and owner of Private Care Associates was all my family needed in order to gain clarity, direction and overall knowledge relative to the possibility of assisted home care for Dad. Carmen met with my father and the rest of my immediate family to explain the options and answer any of our questions. In a time of great confusion and anxiety, Carmen was there to make things as easy as possible for us, and that she absolutely did.

The task of taking care of my father day to day, at home, fell in very large part on my 71 – year – old mother. We, and she needed options in order to assist her with this mountainous responsibility. Carmen and her team assured us they were there, ready for us… We just had to make the call if and when the time came. As difficult as the day to day was, my mother surprised herself and us by answering the bell every day, thru the ups and downs. Mom provided the best care she possibly could for dad. She did a great, great job! We never did have to call on Carmen’s staff for actual in home care BUT we did call on Carmen herself when we needed further advice and direction, or when we had any sort of question. SHE WAS THERE!

My father unfortunately passed away just a few weeks ago but even in the final frantic, up and down days with dad back in the hospital, Carmen was only a phone call or text away. When it came time to consider Hospices care for dad, Carmen took just about all of the research and time out of the process. We were given the greatest advice based on Carmen’s wealth of knowledge in the field. A handful of hospice care providers were given to us to contact. We, as a family were given the utmost confidence we needed when we had to make the toughest of decisions.

The moral of this story is the fact that Carmen and her team will be there for you or your loved one (s) anytime you need them. Carmen will work with you and your family in order to provide the best care possible for the situation at hand. Yours or your loved one’s wishes and requests will be seriously considered and will be fulfilled to the best of her team’s ability, based obviously on feasibility and rationality.

A call to Private Care Associates is the best action you can take when or if the situation arises.

Thank You,

Judy Paga

August 13, 2013

Private Care Associates

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to say how grateful I am for the great service Carmen Stange provided to my wife, Judy Paga, and me four years ago when my wife was dying of cancer. Her compassion and caring attitude helped us through a very difficult time. Carmen was extremely thorough and very knowledgeable dealing with crisis situations, particularly with chronic pain and helping with administration of medications. I would recommend her highly for any type of in home patient care.